Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shameless Plug

Show the love and check out my new Procrastinator column (and do so every Friday night, won'tcha?).

This week - Jonah Hex's days on Bonanza.


SallyP said...

Can't...type...laughing too hard.

Michael Jones said...

Call me a neophyte luddite if you will (You're a neophyte luddite!) but I can't figure out how to comment in the Forums. I could probably figure it out but it doesn't seem worth it.
Very amusing Bonanza though and I do like your Procrastinator insights!

Adam Barnett said...

i think the trick to commenting in the forums is you have to be registered (it's free, no spam, etc., etc.). Glych, who runs the site, has been great at giving me leeway to experiment until I find my voice.... and I think I'm getting there. I like to be silly. :-)

De said...

Only because you asked so nicely, Adam :)

Based on SallyP's comment, I better put on my diaper right now.