Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gorilla Tuesday!

As is long-established policy here at CMNS, we must give due homage to any large villainous primate. In this case, it's "The Gorilla with X-Ray Eyes!"

I've never understood why X-ray vision would melt anything, but you've gotta believe the evidence of your own eyes. At least, you did if you were a dopey little kid in the 1950's.

This story is especially noteworthy because it features an appearance of Superboy's rarely-used apparent ability to read the minds of gorillas.

Yay, Superboy! You captured him for.... well, for being a gorilla. That makes you kind of a douche, don't you think?

A rare romantic interlude. Check out that loving embrace! "I'm getting weak! How can I keep him from crushing me?" More like, "How can I keep him from crushing my heart?"

Sometimes when they touch, the honesty's too much....


FoldedSoup said...

Durn Gorillas!

Dave said...

If Chandu can melt the door on the safe, why the hell doesn't he just melt his chains and take off?

SallyP said...

Gosh, Lana flounces so well.

Adam Barnett said...

believe it or not, dave, by the middle of the story, Chandu did that very thing! it took him longer to figure out the obvious because.... well, he's a gorilla.

Adam Barnett said...

"flounces".... that's a word we don't use often enough. kinda like "glands."

Dave said...

Don't flounce your glands at me, young man!

Adam Barnett said...

score! dave gets a two-fer!