Friday, October 26, 2007

Safety Friday!

Think twice about answering any ad that begins, "Boy Wanted."

I feel the same way, Seabiscuit. If I threw a chunk of Kryptonite at him, would he stop crapping up the DC Universe?

Another gorilla sighting! You see, in the 1950's (as we've seen before), they didn't have their gorilla-containment technology down like we do today. It was kinda like polio - you just never knew when a gorilla was going to show up, throwing its own feces at you and your loved ones. I'm not sure what the vaccine was for it, but they seem to have solved the problem, because I rarely see gorillas in my neighborhood.

And check out the facial expression of Mighty Joe Young there in panel two. That's one bad-ass gorilla!


De said...

Winchester made roller skates? Did they have built in air rifles in them or something?

Jeremy Rizza said...

I got a chuckle out of the clown's jaunty posture and expression in that last panel, as the bareback rider passes by. It's like he's thinking, "Panty shot! Bonus!"

Will said...

Why is Super Boy pouring out his heart to a horse? Is he so dumb he has to say what he's thinking out loud to any animate thing in the vicinity?

And, why is Wings getting congratulations for his "quick thinking"? It seems to me that Winnie did most of the thinking (such as it was) on this caper. All Wings did was skate. Big deal.