Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Greatness of the Glop!

And Contributor Robert Gillis wasted no time giving us what is no doubt one of the greatest comic book stories ever, courtesy of Wonder Woman #151!  I can't even take individual panels out of this because it's all awesome!

He glops AND flubs!

He sings!  My cup runneth over!  This should be the basis for a Wonder Woman movie if they ever get around to making one.

Can you believe you've made it this far in your life not having read this?  I certainly can't.

I love his facial expression in that first panel!  Brilliance!

Oh, my goodness.  How can we not have this thing in the CMNS Character Hall of Fame (tm!)?  Thanks, Robert!

Glop you all tomorrow!


Erich said...

Wow. I had read about the Glop in Ambush Bug #3 (the "Who's Who" issue featuring all the characters who wouldn't make it into "Who's Who"), but the actual story is even more incredible than I had imagined.

Somebody needs to make the Glop's songs a reality...

-DS- said...
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-DS- said...

There was a similar blob-monster (also called the Glop) in one episode of the obscure 1970s cartoon Mighty Man and Yukk, but, despite what 1970s cartoons were like, the Glop in this comic is even more insane.

Great to have you back again!