Friday, February 19, 2016

Superman and Vartox Fight... Sorta... I mean, they kind of do...

So I'm checking out Superman #281 and it has this guy:

By "wrong" and "illegal," I assume Supes is talking about Vartox's outfit because yeeeesh!

It turns out that Vartox is the super-hero of his own respective planet, so you know what that means: The visiting hero has a meeting with the resident hero and they calmly discuss how to resolve any differences they might encounter.

Just kidding.  They started throwing punches because that's how super-heroes say "hi" to each other in comics:

Remote control blows?  You know, by an amazing coinkydink I happened to learn about something called "reiki" massage that falls into a similar category of "a means by which we get a desired result without doing anything necessary to achieve said result."  

Apparently, it's a massage where you pay someone and they don't touch you.  I was a little concerned about this because I don't know what the proximity requirement is and I might accidentally be giving people reiki massages all day long and I'm not licensed to do that.

It made me think of this, which is one of the funniest things I've ever seen:

In my days of professional cooking, I worked with many servers like that.

Anyway, they fight and Superman cheats or something.  But he does do this, which I found equally hilarious:


If I were Superman, that would be my go-to move.  You know how in Mortal Kombat you can't ever get the fatalities to work because you have to be standing in just the right place doing just the right thing so it looks like you're just trying to bellydance your opponent to death?  I would totally learn how to do that move and do it every chance I got.  Which would be a lot, because I would do it to everyone I found sitting on a bed.

See you Monday!


D.B. Echo said... I had this one.

This may explain my peculiar affinity for Zardoz.

Mythell said...

Whites was an entertaining show... too bad it was short lived. If you haven't already checked out Spy (also starring Darren Boyd) you should. I know you can watch it on HULU not sure about other options.

Glad your back btw.

Adam Barnett said...

Spy is in my queue! Hulu gets awesome shows. Deutschland 83 was a masterpiece!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hunt down the trade where Vartox shows up in Power Girl's comic back around 2009. I shall not spoil any surprises or visual jokes that you might see.

-DS- said...

The character was almost certainly a reference to Zed, Sean Connery's character in Zardoz (which came out the same year this issue was published).

Vartox has a better fashion sense than Zed, though. Think about THAT for a moment, and despair :D

Mythell said...

HULU does get the best shows... you should check out The Wrong Mans. Awesome.