Wednesday, February 17, 2016

In the 1970's, if Batgirl was a Demanded Guest Star, Your Book Needed a Lot of Help

Okay, so I thought I was hanging it up for sure.  I mean, what's the end game for a blog?  You just stop doing it.  And I was exhausted with life in general and the blog was something that had, as it had at the time of my last hiatus, become a chore and not a fun diversion.

And I knew that I wouldn't always feel that way, but I thought I'd find something else to amuse myself.  But then I read your comments and your e-mails.  The point of the blog is to try and give us something guaranteed to make us chuckle a bit every day.  And that's actually a pretty good raison d'etre, as the French say, and my time for doing this is simply not over yet.

So, onward!  Picking up where we left off at Superman #279:

I remember this cover from a house ad.  Is this a rhetorical situation?  I mean, he's practically got her, so why can't he save her and Metropolis?  I appreciate a noble sacrifice as much as the next guy, but it seems kinda unnecessary.

But then we see the first page and it makes a lot more sense: 

Okay, first: Superman is fine, but he is not the greatest hero of them all.  He's the most overpowered and rather insufferable hero of them all, but far from greatest.  And more to the point, now we know that Batgirl simply didn't need saving.  She could have just said that on the cover, but I suppose that wouldn't have sold as many copies.  But seriously people: If you can do so without unduly hurting someone's feelings, say what you mean.

Hey!  It's time for some Shenanigans! (tm!)

So.... Batman can just whistle for Superman likes he's a dog or something and Superman comes a'running?  Shenanigans! (tm!)

Check out the random bad guy here.  He's awesome:

I would totally buy Superman comics if this guy would be in the margins giving a running commentary.  He's so awesome that he made me forget momentarily that if Superman really inhaled that much liquid, he'd have to blow up like a big balloon or something.  Momentarily.

Great to be back!  See you tomorrow!


Erich said...

Welcome back!

Cflmaior said...

Woohoo ! After forty days of fasting on the desert, we can again placate our souls' hunger with CMNS ! Nice to see your rientro !

Alex said...

Haha, yes, we definitely need that guy commenting on comics and politics and all.

Great to have your blog back - I guess superheros just don`t stay dead for long :D

D.B. Echo said...

Welcome back! And thank you for giving us something to look forward to each day!

And while the commenting curmudgeon is fun, I like the first panel of that page without the narration boxes. It looks like the debut of Superman's newest power, super-puke!

Bengt said...

Welcome back!