Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Atoman Age! It Lasts for Two Whole Months!

My lovelies, I am in for a rough few days, so please bear with me if I miss a post here or there.  But let's be optimistic as we check out Superman!

Or Atoman, as the case may be.  There's really no difference.
Anyway, here's him:

I'm not seeing a whole lot of mystery as to whether he's going to "use his strength for good or evil."  I mean, he seems awfully happy, so if he does turn out to be evil, he's going to enjoy it so much that he'll be Joker-level crazy with Captain Marvel-level power.

Which would actually be kinda awesome, now that I think about it.  Note to self.

Hey!  Random Slap! (tm!)

If you're a hired thug, you're going to get slapped at some point.  Occupational hazard.

Anyway, he was exposed to atomic radiation somehow (and it's pretty sad that I don't remember how, because I just read the issue about thirty minutes ago), and he was dang optimistic:

Yeah, everyone get on the Google and check out how the radio-active body she had turned out for her.

But these are comics, sooooooo...

How does he know he has all these powers?  I mean, he smashed one fire hydrant on the way to his lab and managed to survive a big fall.  Not that I'm a scientific genius like he is, but I'm just not connecting the dots here.

Anyway, he makes himself a terrible costume:

Wow.  That is terrible.  We make fun of costumes as looking like long underwear, but folks.... I give you Exhibit "A."

Hmmmm... turns out he can fly and rip stuff up!

Fate... if you can call crashing a plane after a guy rips off your propeller "fate."

Such optimism.  We'll be "seeing a lot of him" in the form of one more issue:

MAN, that smile creeps me out.

Anyhoo, like I said, he had one more issue.  Judging by the cover, it looks like he'd already grown so bored with himself as we were: 

Not that I can draw, but he's clearly lost of lot of enthusiasm between issue #1 and issue #2.  Maybe his atomic powers told him his sales weren't so hot.

See you tomorrow (I hope!)


Frothy said...

It's tough for me to read this as anything other than "Attoman," as in "Atta man!" as in "Attaboy"....

-DS- said...

Maybe the accent's on the second syllable... like "atomic", but he's a man, not a mic.

maw maw said...

Another great feature by Jerry Robinson, co-creator of the Joker!

Just noticed this blog is up and running again! Welcome back!

E. Bernhard Warg said...

"Kid Crusaders?" Wouldn't that be the Children's Crusade? Yikes!
Also, maybe it's because I just watched "Batman vs Two-Face," but I'm hearing all of Atoman's dialogue in Adam West's voice.