Friday, June 5, 2015

Batman Defends Himself Against a Guy's Middle Finger. Seriously.

Okay, I know I shouldn't find this cover funny, but I totally do:

It's the "Oh, no... not again!" that gets me.  I mean, he sounds more exasperated than anything else.  All we need is a cartoon sound effect.

It's funny how things that seem so awesome when we're young just don't have clout with subsequent generations.  Ask anyone under 25 if they think Seinfeld is funny.  I'll give you a clue: That show went off the air 17 years ago.  There are exceptions, of course, but most younger folks just don't see why millions of us were glued to the tv on Thursday nights watching this thing.  And don't even get me started on musicians.

Point is, while I used to see the silliness in Marvel titles back in the 1970's, I kind of thought DC Comics kept their dignity.  But I'm starting to see that really wasn't the case... at least not all the time.

Like this sequence here:

Okay, this is Batman we're talking about here.  Can you imagine Batman getting freaked out about anything?  I mean, even if he does get bothered by something, he's never going to let you know about it.  Know why?  Because he's the dang BATMAN, that's why!

And then, two issues later, there is this:

Yes, the man packs a blade in his middle finger.  Years ago, I made a joke about a villain who may or may not have had a ray shoot out of his middle finger.  Well, it appears someone didn't see the humor because old Colonel Sulphur there (yes, that was the man's name) kept his one-and-only weapon right there.

And that, my friends, is hilarious.

Are we still talking about fighting?  Because I've practiced something every single day since I was twelve, and it's not fighting.

Anyway, see the freakin' Batman fight a guy with a blade sticking out of his middle finger:

Colonel Sulphur had appeared in one issue before this one, and another four after that before fading into pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths oblivion.  But I note that in his last appearances, he still had that blade in his middle finger.  You can see it here if you look closely:

Again, I say... awesome.

See you Monday!


Smurfswacker said...

Actually I thought the "I've practiced..." line was funny because Batman is saying he's practiced giving people the finger since he was twelve. Guess my mind wasn't deep enough into the gutter; don't worry, it is now.

SallyP said...

That's okay, I think that first panel is hilarious too.