Tuesday, June 9, 2015

In Which We Talk About Pimpin'. Yeah!

On those really busy days, I just can't help but love the easy pickin's of Boy Meets Girl Comics.  Let's check out lucky issue #13!

Claire may be unsure because she's just now starting to figure out that Ted seems to be her pimp.  A pimp will tell you he loves you, Claire.  But once he starts having you "spend time" with servicemen, it's time to put the pieces together.

Speaking of pimpin':

The ladies can't resist a guy with a ping pong table in his basement.  Everyone knows that.

And, still speaking of pimpin'... here's an ad for something that'll have any guy pimpin'!

Make sure you keep an eye on that detachable crotch piece, because they don't give you a spare.

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Anyone else getting a Norman Bates vibe from orange sweater guy? Dead eyed, stare, luring a girl to his basement, talking about how much his mother will love her? I'm betting 'mother' is sitting mummified in a chair (and that he doesn't even have a ping pong table!).

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I miss the days when people used the word swell in a good way. If I hear it now, someone is usually pissed off.

Gene Phillips said...

So in essence, the ad was for a pair of underwear so tight that it would function as a corset?

Of course no one who tried to return the crotch-wear after the "trial offer" ever saw their money again. But I wonder-- did the scammers at their warehouse even bother to open return mail, then? Would they hesitate to handle underwear that their victims had worn, for health reasons? Would they have tried to peddle already-worn underwear as new?

Some TV show did an episode about a pair of young comics-readers who actually located one of those scammers' warehouses. They bearded the scammer in his lair, wanting their money back, and were told to get lost. Can't remember what series it was, though.

Aaron Carine said...

I'm sorry, but I have to say it, even at the risk of giving offense. Men should wear boxers.