Monday, June 15, 2015

That Time Batman Actually Wore Ice Skates to Fight Guys Using a Hockey Stick

Batman in the 1970's was a title trying to please everyone.  As I mentioned, there had been a long dry spell where the emphasis was more on Bats as the World's Greatest Detective and less on him beating up costumed villains.  As I read the letters pages of those issues of yesteryear, it was actually quite a fanboy war as to whether Bats should stick with regular criminals or if he should go back to fighting the costumed ones.  If the Internet had existed, this would have broken it.

So, DC borrowed the wisdom of Solomon from Captain Marvel (I will not call him "Shazam") and decided to go 50-50 on the costumed villains.  This way, everyone was disappointed half the time.

I'm not sure how the Sheikh (yes, that's the spelling) was classified in issue #268, but if he was supposed to satiate my need for costumed villains, it didn't happen.  Look at how things ended up. 


Fighting guys in a hockey rink  Wearing hockey skates.  Something that happened in the Batman and Robin movie.  Anything that happened in the Batman and Robin movie was, I think we can all agree, a terrible idea.

And look at Bruce's face in the last panel.  See?  Even Batman himself is disgusted by how low he's sunk.  Robin is trying to sell it, but you know he's just happy to be making an appearance in the main book.  Yeesh.

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E. Bernhard Warg said...

I thought the comics were trying to move away from the campiness during this period, but when I read Batman's dialogue in this sequence, I hear Adam West.