Friday, February 6, 2015

You... You Gigolo!

It's funny how perspective changes: When I was a kid, I would happily drop ten bucks on a video game... and this was back in 1980's dollars.  I actually remember buying a copy of the Popeye game for ColecoVision and dropping about $35 or so... again, in 1980's dollars.  I think the game only had two levels and, like all games back in the day, you just kept playing the same levels over and over.

Then in the early 90's, I got the gaming bug again (after being out of it for a few years) and bought a Nintendo Entertainment System.  There was a store in Tulsa that sold used cartridges and the cheapest you could get a game for was ten bucks.  That was for a copy of.... say, Duck Hunt.  Even that awful NES version of X-Men cost you $15 if it cost you a dime.

Fast forward to where I am now: The PS3.  I have now reached the point where if a game is more than 8 bucks on ebay (including shipping), I tend to turn my nose up at it.  8 dollars.... including shipping... is my cutoff.  For games that are of a caliber I could only dream about as an adolescent.

I bring this up because I'm feeling very guilty for buying the "Game of the Year" version of Borderlands 2.  But I don't have access to the main game because I let my Playstation Plus subscription expire and I want all the cool goodies.  Still... I spent $14.51 and I feel like I owe Beloved an apology.  She'll be totally cool about it, but I feel so naughty.

Anyway... back to Boy Meets Girl #8:

Do I ask myself a lot of questions?  You betcha!  Do I answer them? Every time?  Should I be tested for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? Probably so!

Just let me say this about Rick:

Rick's got game.

Meanwhile, Ruth and Carl...

... are not in for a long marriage.

Hey!  It's time for some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!):

Now, Stella, wait... Did you guys not do the deed?  Because if not, that guy owes me a partial refund.

Okay, I'm sorry about that last bit.  That set-up took me down a very unfortunate road.

See you Monday!

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