Monday, February 9, 2015

Of Course There's a House that Looks Like Batman. Why WOULDN'T There Be?

Let's start the week off with Batman #160, or as I like to call it:

The Spoiler Alert Cover Issue!

Actually, it's more of a "the artists just wanted to draw a ton of oversized props" issue... because we certainly do suffer a shortage of oversized props in Silver Age Batman comics, don't we?

Although I admit this is pretty cool:

Because, you know... gorillas.

Check this out:

I want to know what kind of cot has springs where a 200 pound man can jump on them and propel himself twenty feet in the air like that.  I've sat in many a lawn chair and if they were that springy, I'd spend a lot more time in them.

Well... okay.  If I saw someone flying a cup and saucer like that, I'd want to take a turn at the controls as well.  I'd probably even try to jump twenty feet out of a lawn chair.  Bats gets a pass on that one.

See you tomorrow!

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