Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Captain America's Head Trip

We're back and checking out Captain America #72!

Just bear with me here: The set-up is that a guy is a criminal, but Doctor Adler has a plan.  This is it:

Indeed.  If you can do it.

And it turns out he can!

Okay, so he literally took Captain America and Golden Girl into this guy's mind through hypnosis.  Sound's pretty far-fetched, right?

Well, you naysayer, you should know that a psychiatrist was a consultant on this tale!

You know, if I were a psychiatrist, I wouldn't be too jazzed if someone came up with a story about being able to jaunt about someone's mind and then put my name on it to establish credibility.  I doubt she was given much editorial control there.

But it works!  John is reformed!  But he's still gotta do the time, because he done did the crime!

No, John.  She will not wait for you.

Who was Golden Girl?  I saw a reboot of Golden Girl from the Invaders back in the 70's, but this was the original.  She was a lot less useful than Bucky, to tell you the truth.  She just got in the way and said things like, "Watch out, Cap!"

Yeah, like that.

Hey!  It's a Recycled Name! (tm!)

Yup!  There was a Trickster back before the Silver Age Flash villain showed up.  There wasn't much to him.  He didn't even had an origin.

Although he did say this:

And I'm going to say that.  Often.

See you soon!


Cfl Maior said...

This 1941 comic foresaw, in panels #2 and #3, "Fantastic Voyage"(1966); panel #4 strongly resembles the switchboard inside one's brain in "Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Sex" (1972); and, to top it all, panel #5's rectangular "memory files" for "names, dates and so on" are exactly like HAL's in "2001" (1968)... or is it me that have been watching too much TCM lately ?

Adam Barnett said...

Man, you seriously know your classic movies. Respect!

Unknown said...

"Less useful than Bucky"?

Now that's a phrase that can't have been uttered terribly often!

Nathan said...

One thing I always wonder when a human body is shown being operated by tiny people is whether THEY have even tinier people inside of them. Where does it end?