Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A River Runs Through Captain America Comics

Taking a look at Golden Age Captain America #69, for this CMNS Moment... of Comic Book Greatness! (tm!):

This has been a CMNS Moment... of Comic Book Greatness! (tm!)

As we've previously seen, Captain America without a war to fight is pretty... well, noneventful.  In this particular ish, we see the one and only appearance of Sun Girl in the Human Torch story.  It's my understanding that she was the secretary to Jim Hammond and was basically the opposite of the Phantom Lady in that she would blind you with a really bright flashlight or use some martial arts on you, but that's about all she'd do. 

Yes, this was her contribution: To put stupid, arbitrary conditions on the Torch in a desperate attempt to liven things up. Fortunately, Toro would eventually return.  Although it is worth noting that Sun Girl had her own title beforehand, so her appearing with the Torch was something of an usual cross-over back in the day for Marvel Comics.

Hey!  It's time for Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!)

You knew the Torch "for a few hours"?   HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA!  Why, Mrs. Sorrel... what would MR. Sorrel say?

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Unknown said...

And he did it WITHOUT FLAMING!

Your a luck woman, Mrs Sorrel!