Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Greatest Batman Story EVER! Have I Said That Before?

Sorry about missing yesterday's post, Dear Ones.  I'm afraid life has just been... well, challenging.  I may tell you about it someday, but for now, please bear with me.  If I pressure myself to post every day, I'll just get frustrated and step away, so if there are missed posts in the days to come, please just check back.  I will post an announcement should I be going on hiatus... but allowing myself to miss posts when life demands it will reduce the likelihood of that happening.

That being said, let's make up for yesterday's post with a look at possibly the greatest Batman story ever!

I KNOW, RIGHT?  You can just see the awesomeness!

How does it happen?  Why, there's only one possible explanation!

Random Ray Usage! (tm!)

Stuff happens when you step in front of a ray in comics.  It always does.

YEAH, he has!  And it's awesome!

AAAROOOO!  I always spelled it with four a's and two r's.  Maybe that's the European spelling... like when they put u's in words for no reason, like "colour," and "savoury."

Oh, great.  Batwoman is here to ruin the story.  Yay.

Crying, Batwoman?  Really?

Oh, eeesh.

Okay, that shot of him eating is pretty cool.  I'll give 'em that.

Hey!  Let's check out Batwoman, Robin and Ace the Bat-Hound fighting a rhino!

Run?  Do you see Ace?  He's like, "Screw running!  I got this!"

Okay, I guess we'll switch it to Batman Creature fighting a rhino!

And a tiger!

It was too good to last, of course.  Batman Creature... we hardly knew ye.  But ye were AWESOME!

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

What exactly can Kathy Kane Batwoman keep in that purse. Or is it a tesseract? Giant Batman with the fruit should have been in those Hostess Cupcake ads in the 70s.

BatmanisBw said...

I'll never get tired of our four-footed friendly pooch.

dcsez said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles Adam. Hope you catch a break soon. Btw that's how a lot of us Indians eat, you should try it with an Indian meal

Adam Barnett said...

I loves me some Indian food! East Indian AND Native American! Childhood Pal Scotty took Beloved and me to an Ethiopian restaurant once, and we sat kind of like that... great grub!

But thank you for your kind wishes. Hopefully, the seas will calm soon!