Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Monkey Fencer: Adventurer, Coveter, Social-Climber

From the Golden Age Blue Beetle #20:

Collins was a skilled sailor, but his relationships with his co-workers hindered his career advancement.

17th Century France?  Can you believe this feature wasn't a smash hit?

Wow.  This guy is just cruel.  "My bald-headed, long-nosed, and big-eared valet and friend"?  Somebody smack this guy.

Thank you!  And, for those of you keeping score: Random Bitch-Slap! (tm!)

So, why is he "the Monkey Fencer"?

And this wasn't a big success?  We've got a guy who jumps around in 17th Century France.  What the heck did comic book readers want back in the day?

Ugh.  I hate it when people think it's funny to make you guess things.  When someone pulls that kind of nonsense on me, the conversation is over.

Anyway, something happens, the guy is rich again, and everyone has a very awkward conversation:

  Oh, everyone else is being all coy and whatnot.  I appreciate the need for tact, I truly do.  When someone says, "I'm just very honest," that is another way of saying, "I have no social graces whatsoever."   But, is it just me, or is Pebbles the only direct person in all of 17th Century France? 

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MarvelX42 said...

So if she recognizes the voice and he took his mask off she would know that he is a Duke and he would be able to get his riches back, yes? I mean why can't he be the Duke by day and the Monkey Fencer by night, like Batman?