Monday, April 7, 2014

Gorillas Are Very Respectful About Hand Placement when They Wrestle Human Women

Let's start our week finishing up our look at Action Comics #266!

It seems like just tossing something that's radioactive into the woods is pretty irresponsible.  Granted, it'll only kill two people on Earth, but if you and your only remaining family member are those two people, I'd think maybe tossing it into space, a volcano, the sun... there are many attractive options here.

Anyway, Streaky sniffs the stuff and becomes a Super-Cat again:

I hadn't realized before that Streaky "sniffed" the radiations.  Can one sniff radiations?  I recognize that this is sort of an homage to catnip, but I'm not at all convinced radiation works that way.

Anyway, Streaky and Supergirl go save an African village:

Hmmmmm... I'm hardly an authority on panthers and leopards, but it seems like they're still well within leaping distance.  Especially considering they're hungry and there are four fillets de hommes just standing there.

Ugh.  Someone show me a gorilla.

THAT'S the stuff!

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I knew it. Geoff Johns read this comic. in FOREVER EVIL, he has Ultraman from Earth-3 constantly inhaling kryptonite into his nostrils to gain strength.

I'm guessing a cat couldn't "inhale", or that wasn't a Silver Age-y word. Enjoying the blog, Adam.

PS Don't read FOREVER EVIL. Ever in your lifetime.

Adam Barnett said...

I admit I have never read Forever Evil. It is now not on my radar.

Kind of surprising, because Geoff Johns usually does pretty solid work. But inhaling radiation? I just think... THAT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY! (tm!)

MarvelX42 said...

Besides.....big cats, any cats really, can swim. I mean just a quick YouTube search can show ya that. I know they didn't have YouTube back then, but it probably wouldn'ta been that hard to find out that big cats could swim. Lazy-lazy writing is what it is. It woulda been better if Steaky had picked them up and dropped them in the top of a tree or somethin. I think that overall the writers just think that stupid kids are gonna be reading this stuff, just make things that look cool (or groovy or whatever slang term they used then) and didn't expect kids to be smart enough to think about what is actually on the page.

Smurfswacker said...

Not that I'm so hot at drawing them either, but that is a pretty lame-looking kitty.

Anonymous said...

This is VERY dangerous and could kill Superman and me! I can throw things into the SUN and move planets but I'll just throw this into the nearby woods!