Friday, March 2, 2007

A Story Starring Sue Storm

There! You see? Even the Thinker acknowledges Sue is useless, and he's so smart they call him the Thinker! It's not just me!

Must it always end like this? With me crying while leaving the men to do all the work? Apparently so.

Oh, for crying out loud! Can she not even walk under her own steam any longer? Have we just given up? Will she be wearing Depends Undergarments next?

I would think that by now, Sue collapsing for no particular reason wouldn't be that much of an event. I mean, after you've seen the sun come up every morning, you kinda start looking for it to happen.

Shake her harder, Ben! MUCH HARDER!!!!

Don't get your hopes up, Reed. She always finds her way back.


SallyP said...

My God, but Sue was written as the whiniest and most useless human being on the entire planet. Nowadays of course, she doesn't even need the rest of them.

hollowshel said...

(first of all, sorry for commenting so long after original post, but I just discovered the site and am going through the archives - and I could not resist!)

...Sue being useless? To be expected in the old books (I mean dude, she's wearing a skirt for no reason known to god or scientists, and she passes out for similar reasons.)

What surprises me is the lack of comment on the fact that the sky cycle is mooing. Or was this so common nobody even thought twice about it?

Anonymous said...

I just love to see The Thing threaten Sue Storm!

John said...

Your blog about the fragile Silver Age Sue Storm sure brings back a lot of memories. How about doing an encore story showing Madam Medusa getting the better of her?