Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another Bad Habit Kicked

Dear Hasbro,

My name is Adam and I'm a fanboy. I collect many things comic-related. I have a Super-Friends table cloth from 1976. I have the JLA version of Monopoly. I have the entire WB line of DC beanie babies. I have more action figures than you can shake a stick at, from Total Justice to DC Direct to Marvel Legends.

Thank you for helping me break my Marvel Legends habit. I bought many, many figures when they were made by ToyBiz. I was shelling out $7.98 a pop on at least 2 or 3 figures each wave. I admit, I was out of control.

Then, you came along and expected me to pay $12.99 for this:

It was a close call for me. I've always been a Banshee fan, especially in that original outfit. The only way I wouldn't buy a long-awaited Banshee figure would be if it (a) looked like crap and (b) was over-priced. You totally came through on both counts. It's as ugly as a camel's foot and there is no way I'm paying $12.99 in real-world dollars for a piece of plastic. Just not happening. Although my X-Men collection is missing one of my favorite characters, I feel like I have my life back. Thanks to you.

Much love,


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Bully said...

I don't get the slavish love for the Marvel Legends figures. Nice packaging, though.