Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Character Hall of Shame-The Watcher

I'm the Watcher! I watch things! I can't really do anything, but I can watch with the best of them!

What's interesting about this is that it indicates gossip (which the Watcher does puh-LENTY of) doesn't constitute taking an active role in anything. Shenanigans!

And why is it that a member of such an advanced race is prancing around in a toga? None of this works for me.


Keath said...

"I have watched and thought and have come to the conclusion those Romans had a good thing going. Plus I love the feel of the breeze whipping up my mini-skirt toga. Booyah!"

Luke said...

The funny thing about Uatu is that he's the Watcher assigned to Earth, and he's absolutely horrible at his job, since he interferes all the time.

I mean, I think the other Watchers would have an intervention, but they can't, since that would be, you know, interfering!

De said...

I know I'm going straight to hell for this, but what are the odds that Uatu doesn't wear underwear either?

"Now it's your turn to watch!"

SallyP said...

If there is one thing that I don't really need to see, is the Watcher's knees.