Monday, March 5, 2007

Make Your Own Joke Here

What do you suppose they're hiding in the back room under the category "other things boys like"? Sounds kinda creepy to me....Hey, Billy, come on over to my house and we'll play video games with our shirts off and do other things boys like.


De said...

I don't think Grit existed at all and therefore, call shenanigans.


Buffalo Buffy said...

One other thing that boys like is that

Dave and Mary got the boot

"three legs too late" according to Miss Ali. :-)

This is me,'s my new(er) blog...had to close the old one. Fell free to pass to mom.

Adam Barnett said...

de, I wouldn't have thought Grit actually existed, either, but I did see one kid at our local Safeway store trying to sell it in the 70's. Had I been older than 10, I might have been inclined to pick it up just to prove it existed. Then again, knowing me, I probably would have gone for the canvas thing they wore to carry the papers in.... I'd hang it in my office.