Thursday, December 21, 2006

Boring Administrative Note Number 2

Since I will not have access to the tools of the trade, there won't be a new post until December 26th. I get a long weekend off work and won't be online much, so I hope you'll come back and join me Tuesday morning.

But be sure to scroll down and check out this morning's post and enjoy the archives!

I want to thank everyone who has been linking to this site and talking about it. After only a month of posting, I'm averaging 300-400 hits a day! I have no explanation for this, except you people must be starving for entertainment. Whatever the reason, I love you all for it. Special props to Mike Sterling, my comicspace friends, and SallyP.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season. God bless! See you Tuesday!



SallyP said...

Have a nice vacation and Merry Christmas. And yes, we ARE starved for entertainment!

That's the Spirit said...

The explanation for your popularity is that you're hilarious. really!