Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Batman's Code Against Killing (Optional)

Before we leave Batman #3, check out this first appearance of the Catwoman:

Yeah, as we previously saw, the character appeared as a thief called "The Cat," so I'm not 100% sure this counts as a first appearance.  I really just wanted to point out that ridiculous mask.  But now I'm rather mesmerized by the garter.  Selena, you minx!  Moving on to issue #4:

"We never kill with weapons of any kind!  Anymore.  Unless it's one that an enemy drops.  Or is mounted to a vehicle.  Ah, screw it.  Take no prisoners!"

And now, let's check in on Jimmy's visit to juvenile court:

Well, there's nothing wrong with Jimmy's math skills.

A mother as a character witness for her child just doesn't carry the clout in a court of law that it should.  I mean, who is a more objective judge of a child than his mother?  Way harsh, judge.

Hmmmmm.... considering what happened to his mother, I think Jimmy's getting off light with just 18 months in juvie.

I do like the death scene, though:  "Jimmy... AHHHH!"

Jimmy's was reportedly an unpopular cellmate, as every conversation came back to "They killed my mom!"

Jimmy then found his niche as a salesman for Budweiser.

Well, Jimmy, you probably should have bought the judge before he sentenced you.  Timing, Jimmy!  Timing!

See you tomorrow!

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