Thursday, September 25, 2014

In Which Batman Fights Dinosaurs. No Further Description Necessary.

Courtesy of Batman #35, we have one of the most iconic Batman stories of the Golden Age: "Dinosaur Island!"

Eagle-eyed folks will recognize that dinosaur.  He ends up being one of the more famous trophies in the Batcave, even to this day!  It's right up there with the giant penny in terms of familiarity to bat-nerdlingers over the decades.  Thusly:

Anyway, on to the story:

Yup.  And, might I add, this story came out in 1946.... 44 years before Jurassic Park.  As always, Comics Did It First! (tm!)

Um, I'm pretty sure that man had tools and weapons pretty early on.  If there were dinosaurs around, natural selection would dictate that you'd figure out in a hurry that fighting a dinosaur with your hands wasn't going to be very productive.

Touch football has all the excitement of the real thing?  Really?  I'm not a sports guy, but somehow I just don't think most people would agree.

Enough of that.  We were promised Batman fighting dinosaurs, so let's see it happen:


Finally, as an added bonus, let's see some dialogue you'd probably only expect to see in comics:

That's some classic comic book storytellin', folks.

See you tomorrow!

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