Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Betty Ross, Sexual Harasser

All kinds of fun from Golden Age Captain America Comics #9:

This is Betty Ross.  No, not the one who was the object of Bruce Banner's affections.  This is the original one.  They went with "Betty Ross" because of "Betsy Ross," which she was occasionally called for a while.  Get it?  Because it's Captain America and some writers have no shame.

Anyway, Cap reacts as any macho man would:

Geez, Betty.  No means no!

Good timing, Bucky!  I think you just prevented a sexual assault!

You haven't what, Betty?  YOU HAVEN'T WHAT?

Betty is probably on a sex offender registry somewhere.

And now, another installment of Well.... Touche! (tm!)

Well.... Touche! (tm!)

We're a bit overdue for a look at the Hurricane, Master of Speed!:

His origin is too complicated for me to figure out.  They apparently spent the time that normally would have been spent designing clothing for the man and made his origin as convoluted as possible.  I think he was supposed to be Mercury in some respect, but I can't put it together.  All I know is that if you're a hero in Captain America Comics, prepare to run around half-clothed if you aren't the title character.

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Gene Phillips said...

Characters like Mercury and Hurricane are irritating. I know good and well that Hurricane is really just Mercury with a slightly altered origin and appearance, but if I were to do a superhero encyclopedia, they'd probably have to be deemed separate characters.

Not that it's unique to comics. There are two "Nyoka" serials, and each Nyoka not only has a different surname, one's father is dead and the other's is alive!

I also started reading Quality's ALL HUMOR COMICS online, and found that the obscure character "Atomic Tot" starts out as the even more obscure "Mitymite" in that the exact same art-design is used for both characters.

Gene Phillips said...

I forgot to mention that I too noticed how, uh, amorous Betty was in that story. She looks like she was going to take being a "Victory Girl" to a whole new level.

Adam Barnett said...

Funny thing, Gene, is I think Hurricane's first story was just a Mercury (or Mercury-like mythological character) story with altered artwork. Talk about "borrowing!"

Unknown said...

Hurricane and Mercury would later be ret-conned into the same character (alternate identies of the Etrnal Makarri).

Gene Phillips said...

Oh, I agree that the Hurricane story probably started out as a Mercury story. Maybe somewhere in the process someone thought "Hurricane" sounded better and they just re-jiggered some of the dialogue. I'd have to see 'em side by side though.

justskimn96 said...

you haven't what Betty!!?? that made the day