Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In Which a Woman Wrecks a Submarine and Not a Single "Woman Drivers" Joke is Uttered...

From Robert Gillis and Lois Lane #54, we have a look at what happens on "LADIES' DAY IN METROPOLIS":

Let an unqualified civilian steer a military nuclear submarine?  How could this have gone wrong?

Awesome as always, Robert!  Thanks!

Taking a quick look at Amazing Spider-Man #280, we see one of the very few documented moments where Pete actually refused to tell his origin story:

I know!  He had a perfectly good opportunity to angst about Uncle Ben and actually let it pass him by. I share your disbelief... it's like finding teeth in a chicken's beak, but believe the evidence of your own eyes.

You may recall not too long ago, I discussed Amazing Spider-Man #262, which had an awesome photo cover of which I was unable to find much in the way of details.  Leave it to Brian Cronin and his awesome Comic Book Legends Revealed column to fill in the missing details.  It also talks about the infamous Spider-Man movie that was talked about, yet never saw the light of day.

But you know what did see the light of day?  A Mexican Batwoman:

Savor these days, my friends.  Savor them. 

See you tomorrow!

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