Monday, January 14, 2013

Trainin', Mom-Surprisin', Slappin' Fun!

So I went through about seven issues of Amazing Spider-Man and came up with nothin', but then I get to the first story arc of the Black Cat from Amazing Spider-Man #194 and 195 and it has everything we love!

It has ODD NAMES! (tm!)

Well, that is an unfortunate handle.  Seriously, don't give your kids a name that is a pun.  Life is hard enough.

It has RANDOM  SLAPS! (tm!)

Slap her back, Pete.  No jury would ever convict you.

It has the ORIGIN MONTAGE! (tm!): 

Apparently she "trained for years" wearing the same blue leotard.

I presume the cat is there for symbolism only, because most cats aren't interested in you enough to watch you do stuff unless you're using a can opener.

Not that I have anything against cats.  I love cats, but they tend to do their own thing.

Anyway, it even has FUN WITH OUT OF CONTEXT DIALOGUE! (tm!)

And finally, the OFF-CAMERA DEATH! (tm!):

I admit I fell for that last one.  I was pretty young when I read this the first time, and I naively thought they were being awesome by just having May pass away off-camera.  Of course, now I realize that there was no way they were going to end the never-ending "Poor Aunt May's Weak Heart!" storyline, but it would have been awesome had they really gone that way.

See you tomorrow!


Gene Phillips said...

At the time that comic came out, I wasn't buying Spidey regularly but was keeping rough track of events through secondhand purchases. Somehow I happened to find out that this issue spotlighted Aunt May's offpanel death so I bought it. I was pissed when it wasn't real and never bought another new Spidey issue.

Adam Barnett said...

Yeah, I really thought they had done it. I was such a rube. I still hadn't figured out that death is rarely fatal in comics. Even the term "Bucky dead" has lost it's power...

Aaron Carine said...

To think that Peter Parker actually died before Aunt May. How many heart attacks did she have? That old biddy is harder to kill than a cockroach.

MarvelX42 said...

Odd names. I knew a girl, her last name was Young, her dad's name was Joe.