Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Dazzler is a Punisher-ment!

From Amazing Spider-Man #202.

The Punisher cares not for your pinko liberal commie Due Process.

'Murica!  'Murica!

Time for yet another new CMNS feature I'm gonna call "Hey!  Isn't that...?" (tm!)

It works like this:

Hey!  Isn't that... ? (tm!)

Yup.  The Punisher just shot Alfred Pennyworth.  Batman is gonna be soooooo cheesed.

The next issue (#203) gave us a guest appearance by the Dazzler.  It's worth noting that she had the boost of appearances in both The Amazing Spider-Man and The Uncanny X-Men and still managed to be a failure as a character.  The disco gimmick (which came about after disco was dead and decomposing), the skates, the .... 

.... what kind of power is this?

Oh, for crying out... I had forgotten about that.  The musically-charged disco ball.  Is she in the Character Hall of Shame (tm!) yet?  If not, she is now.

But that issue wasn't without it's charm.  Thusly: 

No, Spidey.... don't apologize.  You're only doing what every comic book reader in America wanted to do back in the day. 

See you tomorrow! 


MarvelX42 said...

I don't know why there is so much Dazzler hate out there. I kinda like her character.

Comicsfan said...

I also never really got the gimmick of making roller skates part of Dazzler's regular outfit. Practically speaking, it's not the most reliable way to evade your opponent(s), and it's certainly going to slow you down if you're grappling with someone. To say nothing of the gum and potholes you have to watch out for on New York streets.

Maybe Tony Stark could design some skates for her that only pop out of her boots in emergency situations. And he's already put them through field testing.