Monday, February 23, 2009

Comic Funhouse Monday!

Hey, kids! Comics!

Check out the caption box:

I had a joke about this being a Cosmopolitan article, but then I remembered Nephew Sam reads the blog every so often and I still want to be invited to family functions.

Hey, let's get popular!

Yeah, nothing says popularity like a guy speaking French while he practices his judo moves on you. Zut, alors! You cry like ze enfant, missour!

A little Peanuts weirdness from 1952:

And another installment of Charlie Brown, Sexual Harassment Victim:

Yes, it's a weird post today. Some days are just like that.

See you tomorrow!


Michelle said...

A "How to Swim" book for fifty cents?
That is too funny~

De said...

Boogie Woogie is easy!

Allergy said...

Does Nephew Sam read the comments? Because BASTARD!