Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Atom vs. Higher Education Wednesday!

Wrapping up All-Star Comics #4:

Other nations sending their children to college? Those Philistines!

The Golden-Age Atom was such a badass. Yeah, buddy, I'm about to crack open a six-pack of asswhoop, and you'll just get in the way....

Uh, dude? Quit looking at me like that. We're not going to hug or anything....

Just be glad he didn't make you take off your shirts first....

Nice role model there. Yay! I get to fight someone instead of expand my intellectual horizons!

This is what always kind of bugged me about those old-school JSA stories:

Okay, everyone got it? Why doesn't the Flash pick up a phone or something and let everyone know where the clues led?

And it's not like anyone else bothers, either:

Dr. Fate, it turns out, is the only team player who tries to save anyone else unnecessary grief:

It seemed like every JSA story went that way. Everyone would scatter in a thousand different directions and follow clues to the same place. It was like a violent literary version of Chutes and Ladders. I can understand these guys being that dense, but you'd think that Starman or Dr. Mid-Nite would point out the inefficiency of the system when they joined up.


Johnny said...

So is that what American students did back then? Just beat the crap out of foreigners?
Sounds a little bit too racist for my liking! Glad i didn't sign up to an American uni!

ssschaffer said...

"Look at that Crazy Costume. Must be some escaped lunatic!"

He's saying what I'm thinking. Why isn't there more of this sort of expository dialog in comics?

Nick Danger said...

So um... couldn't Dr. Fate just TOLD Sandman? I mean they were talking after he went through those elabarate smoke and color powers... he could have said it and save the time..>!!!

Aaron Carine said...

Were these nefarious foreigners communists or Nazis? And did this issue come out before Pearl Harbor?

Hank said...

Take heart guys. Beginning in the late 60s anti-american forces took over college campuses and remain in charge to this day. Only now we call them professors.