Thursday, April 19, 2007

What Did You Just Say?, pt 5

I will admit that the logic of what Crystal is saying eludes me. She is the most powerful Inhuman, so naturally she's going to betray the FF? I don't see the correlation.

I am going to fart in this crowded elevator, and you will all have to smell it, for I am the best sudoku player in the tri-county area!

Considering that in the past she's had to play French maid to Johnny and beg Reed not to send her on a long journey naked, Crystal had plenty of legitimate reasons to smack around the need to make a stretch.


SallyP said... Lockjaw using Reed's arm as a chew toy? Go Lockjaw!

Erich said...

4 out of 5 veterinarians recommend Reed Richards over rawhide. He's chewier, tastier, and gets your dog's teeth sparkling clean.

Anonymous said...

hey this time Reed has two RIGHT arms!

Anonymous said...

Crystal, go get Sue. You can beat her easily!