Thursday, April 19, 2007

Costume Hall of Shame - Black Racer

As a character, it was a very neat idea to have a Vietnam veteran assume the mantle of the Angel of Death. It was also cool that his appearance always meant the death of a character.

But skis? Skis aren't cool. Ever. I guess Jack Kirby was feeling cocky when he hit a homer with the Silver Surfer, but any mode of transportation where you have to hold a stick in each hand to keep from falling flat on your face just ain't awe-inspiring, especially for an Angel of Death.


SallyP said...

Bwhahahahaha! Aw c'mon, that's just embarrassing! It makes the Scarlet Skier look good for heaven's sake!


Adam Barnett said...

I remembered the Scarlet Skier when I posted this.... isn't it great that DC let Giffen spoof itself? I know it was a slam on the Silver Surfer, but there's no way people didn't recognize the Black Racer when the Scarlet Skier showed up.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, couldn't resist pointing out that you don't need the sticks to stay up.

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