Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Character Hall of Shame- Looker

Did they kill her off? Someone tell me they killed her off.

A redhead with mental powers. Gee, she's nothing like Jean Grey.... you know, the redhead with mental powers?

What I found extra annoying about her was that she had this inflated sense of how attractive she was. I'm the first to acknowledge that beauty is entirely subjective, but if you want me to believe that everyone is falling all over some chick, don't let her be drawn by Jim Aparo. She always reminded me of those girls who flirt with everyone because they have a low self-image and don't think they can get attention any other way.

They killed her off, didn't they? And if not, why not?


Buffalo Buffy said...

1. Why can we see her bellybutton?
2. What is with those white spots on her upper cest area. That and the bellybutton makes her look naked.
3. What is with the face behind her? Is that person seeing something more shocking?

Buffalo Buffy said...

CHEST area...see? I can hardly speak of it.

Adam Barnett said...

Oh, my..... where to begin. Those white spots are supposed to be abstracts of eyes (hence the name "Looker"), but it really just says, "Look at my boobs!"

It's a basic element of comics that fabric can be as transparent as the artist sees fit, but only when the person wearing the garment is female.

The person behind her is aghast that she is about to become one of the worst characters in comics history. :-)

Adam Barnett said...

and how can we overlook the naked left leg? EEEESH!

De said...

Didn't she get decapitated by Black Adam in Infinite Crisis?

SallyP said...

Yeah, I think she bought it in Infinite Crises...so SOMETHING good came out of it.

That is one hideous outfit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. She was in Infinite Crisis, sure. But she was caught in a blast, not decapitated. And she survived anyway, woe betide us.