Monday, April 23, 2007

Hospital Drama Day!

For all you fans of the medical drama.... I'm not one of them, but never let it be said that I don't pander to my readers!

I'd say it's a case of total exhaustion! Wow, Doc, I hope you don't make that diagnosis on every unconscious person that comes into your emergency room. I can just see it: This man has a gaping chest wound, but I know he's going through a nasty divorce.... I'd say it's a case of total exhaustion!

We can't just let him kill himself! Waitasec.... we aren't in Oregon, are we? No? Then we can't just let him kill himself!

Reed, aren't your legs always like rubber? I mean, that's your super-power and all....


FoldedSoup said...

As a doctor (which I'm not.. though I'd love to ask Scott, which I will in a bit..)
which would be worse for the Doc's? Reed Richards, Luke Cage, or Wolverine for an ER 'must take immediate action' thing... ?!?

SallyP said...

Can they even give him an IV or something, or would it just bounce off?

Oh sure, Reed, NOW you're all angsty over Sue. Were'nt you just yelling at her for being a female a little while ago?