Wednesday, February 1, 2017

CAPT. MMMmmmmm.....

Yes, I know.  I've become the worst blogger ever.  It's probably my advanced years.  Be patient with an old man.

Anyway, it's time for the landmark issue #50 of Master Comics!

Hmmmm.... well, I've got to say out of the gate that I don't recall Captain Marvel making me any promises of a new hero.  And frankly, I wouldn't have been very excited about this guy under the best of circumstances.  But considering that Captain Marvel Jr. had carried the title, I don't think it's cool that they shoved him in the background on the 50th issue.  Some folks have no gratitude.

Anyway, here's an ad for Wheaties I saw inside:

I know they want me to think it's the muscular guy who ate the whole case of Wheaties, but I'm going to reserve my guess for a few hours and see which one of them spends the next 48 hours glued to the seat of a latrine.

Anyhoo, the CMJ story posed all kinds of interesting theological and philosophical questions.  My first question is whether Freddy's strategy here would work.  

Oh, he got hit by a bus.  Did I forget to tell you that?  Because that's rather important.  Freddy got hit by a bus.

Moving on, do you think this would work?

Not that I'm blaming Freddy for trying, because I'd sure give it a shot.  Heck, I'll probably try every magic word I can think of when I'm about to pass this mortal coil.

Although I nearly died back in '91 and I didn't try any magic words.  Heck, I even turned down the offer of the priest... although I told the nun I was totally down with her praying for me despite my non-Catholicism.  I probably need all the help I can get.

Anyway, I don't think it would work because the Marvels are different people than their counterparts.  If you doubt me, look at how Billy and Captain Marvel refer to each other.

But Freddy never got the word out, so he's a ghost:

Yes.  For the second time in two issues.

And apparently the religions that believe in purgatory got it right, because Freddy is still wandering the earth with people of all moral persuasions:

I'm perplexed CMJ is perplexed, considering we just went through the same thing last issue.

Because this story did not follow the fundamental Christian version of the afterlife, my parents would have pooped watermelons if they'd caught me reading it.

Geez... cops everywhere except when you need one.

Anyway, this happens:

And we learn that a ghost doesn't breathe in air, but he exhales.  Because, COMICS!

AN HOUR LATER Freddy is revived?  That guy in the movie Crank was  apparently way too worried.  Man, I'm going to put "no matter when or how I died, I want an Adrenalin injection" in my Advance Care Directive.

See you soon!

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rnigma said...

The Wheaties ad was drawn by George "Lichty" Lichtenstein, creator of the "Grin and Bear It" comic that ran for decades (and member of the Guckenheim Sour Kraut Band).