Friday, April 17, 2015

In Which a Suprisingly Large Amount of Inappropriate Humor is Found in a Warlock the Magician Story

Let's take a look at Nickel Comics #2, with an installment of What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (tm!)

I wear a helmet that enables me to fly  very quickly, like a bullet.  I think I'll wrap a scarf around my neck and have it trail behind me.  What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (tm!)

I think someone figured it out because Bullet lost the scarf by the time I saw him.  Then again, that was about 30 years later in a Justice League of America comic, but still.

Hey!  It's Warlock, the Redundantly-Named Magician!

People fear his weird appearance and his strange powers of magic... and his listing on the local sex offender registry.

I know, I make a lot "sex offender registry" jokes.  How about a shot of Warlock choking the vulture?

Well, what did you think I meant?

Hey!  It's time for some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!)

Wait for it... wait for it...


Way to take one for the team, Warlock.  You're a better man than I.

See you tomorrow!

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