Friday, December 20, 2013

Superman Uses Your National Treasures to Show Off. It's the American Way!

Dear Ones, since next week has a two days of holiday in it, I've decided to give myself the week off from posting.  It just didn't make sense to post a day after the weekend, take two days off, post two days, then weekend.  So, I'm going to use that time to build up some material.

Meanwhile, check out Superman being a jerk from Action Comics #211!:

Oui, Pierre, I have uprooted and forever compromised the structural integrity of your country's most famous landmark!  C'est bon, no?

Maintenant, Pierre!  I have focused the structure's entire weight on the top!  It will no doubt fall to pieces in the next strong breeze!  Bask in my glory, Pierre!

Superman: International Tool.

The Target and the Targeteers also appear in 4Most Comics, so let's finish our look at the first issue with them.  I'm not familiar with them at all at this point, but I've figured out this much:

Niles doesn't watch where he's going...

... and his partners are comically incompetent:

Now take a look at how big that hole was:



Risk your neck for the privilege of kissing a girl's hand.  Oh, yeah... it's a man's world all right.  Just like I feed my dogs, bathe them, and scoop their poops, yet I am somehow considered the owner.

Ah, well.  Fun days ahead.

See you on Monday, December 30th!  Hope everyone who celebrates whatever has a great one!


Mike Reeves-McMillan said...

Buildings in comics always behave like they're a single wooden block, have you noticed? Superheroes can sling them around and put them back where they came from and even the broken water mains and electrical cables don't get mentioned.

Plus, if that's 984 feet tall, Supes has grown.

Adam Barnett said...

That's so true! I wonder if there's no indoor plumbing in Metropolis...

Unknown said...

Knowing how comics work, I'm fairly sure you could turn "How do you miss that?" into a meme.

MarvelX42 said...

Tactile telekinesis is the best explanation of that. In other words it is explained as the persons power isn't really strength, it is a form of telekinesis where the person touches an object (such as a building) and the mental energy extends around the entire building and holds the whole thing together as if it were one solid object. It still wouldn't work unless they had another power that negated the weight of the object also. Otherwise you would have to worry about center of gravity and Superman would have to pretty much let the building fall over, crawl under it find the exact middle of it and THEN lift it.