Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lois Lane, Voice of Reason

Action Comics hasn't given me much in the way of pickings lately, but then along comes issue #184!

Wow... Donald Whitmore just took a Random Slap (tm!) from Lois Lane.  And when Lois is telling you to quit being such a spaz, you should probably pay attention.

And now, our latest installment of a little feature I like to call:

Gah! (tm!)

Gah! (tm!)

You just know some stupid kid shot another kid in the head with an arrow trying to replicate that stunt.  Seriously, kids... don't do that.

Hey!  Let's Learn Something! (tm!)

Okay, Buzzy, if you know that Wolfie is a bad driver, why are you in the car with him?  What possible sense does that make?  Are you hoping that you and Susie there will have adjoining plots in the cemetery where you can hold hands for all eternity, because that's really the only reason that comes to mind. 

Say what you will about Wolfie, but that is a bitchin' car.

So as far as we know, Wolfie is going to get assaulted by the truck driver and, since this is before the Gault legal decision that actually gave some due process rights to children, it's entirely possible Wolfie is about to disappear into the system at some juvenile detention institution until he reaches adulthood.  But enjoy your time at the beach with Jim, Susie!

Oy.  See you tomorrow!

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MarvelX42 said...

Hey at least the "fat kid" got to do something cool (albeit dangerous) for a change and not just be the butt of a joke.