Thursday, February 7, 2013


As I was saying a fond farewell to the Will O' The Wisp / Tarantula three-parter, I felt I had to touch on one thing that really bugged me.  This is from Amazing Spider-Man #235:

That's pretty articulate for a guy with no lips.  I mean, that mouth seems to be no more than a modified "beak" if you will, so how is he able to be understood?  Really, the line should have read "OOO AH OCK E O EH AH IH I-ER EH!"

Or words to that effect.

The next issue had a return of the Stilt Man, who I always kind of enjoyed. I didn't know he actually took on Thor once, but now I simply must track that issue down.

We're heading into the Hobgoblin storyline, but before we do, check this out:

Okay, that's Nate telling everyone what's wrong with the world today as old people are inclined to do without any encouragement from the rest of us.  People spend too much time thinking and not doing.  Got that?  Okay, next issue... 

Now, Nate encourages us to think and dream.  He's pretty inconsistent.  Maybe his remarkable, unexplained weight loss from one issue to the next has made him less grumpy.  

Enough of that.  WHEATCAKES!

Yes, as Pete reflects on his origin for the ba-millionth time, we are at least treated to yet another artist's rendition of Aunt May serving wheatcakes.  WHEATCAKES!

See you tomorrow!

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