Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pitching Pennies at Tecumseh!

Let's check in on The Midshipman from Pep #3, shall we?

Considering how demanding Princess has been in the past, she's being a surprisingly cheap date.

I had to Google what "pitching pennies" actually is.  Apparently, you toss the pennies at the statue, and the person who has their coin closest to the statute wins all the coins on the ground.  It is believed that variations of this game have been played since Ancient Greece and may have shown up in the first Olympics, where I'm sure it was really entertaining for onlookers.

Hey... if you have areas designated solely for parades, you've got to expect all kinds of parades.

Yeah, the free use of "gay" and "queer" back in the day make for easy cheap jokes.  I never claimed I was above it.


Give me a minute....

Okay, that means he was hurt.  I had to diagram the sentence to be sure.

You know he's hurt because his head is fully wrapped:

Even the President of the United States has asked me to thank you!


Well... he didn't NOT ask me to not unthank you!

I love the Golden Age.

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

YES, YES, YES! Adam you are BACK, HOORAY! I am SO happy to find you back writing and I have missed the site so much! I will continue to help by sending goodies from the Siver Age to mock! Same email address, right? I am SO happy you are back!!!

Robert Gillis

Anonymous said...
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Adam Barnett said...

Yup, Robert! Same address! Looking forward to seeing more Silver Age weirdness! :-)