Friday, June 25, 2010

I'll Trap You in Your Own Icing Friday!

Good times from Batman #130!

Unfortunately, the flashing lights and popping noises caused Batman and Robin to believe they were ambushed by gunfire. Three reporters and a pizza delivery boy were hospitalized before they realized their error.

Two things:

(a) We have just established that fighting with milk isn't cool no matter who is doing it. And (b) this picture makes me uncomfortable for several reasons.

You know what we don't get enough of these days?:

That's right! Batman fighting on top of a giant fake birthday cake. The crowd singing in unison at the end made this particularly cringe-inducing. The next time someone does something of which I approve, I'm going to sing "Happy Birthday" to them. Whether they want me to or not.

See you Monday!


Britt Reid said...

"...this picture makes me uncomfortable for several reasons."

As dear Dr. Wertham said; "In ordinary comic books there are pictures for children who know how to look."

Anonymous said...

.... why does the Commissioner know Batman's birthday? Why does *anyone* know Batman's birthday?

Aaron Carine said...

It wasn't actually his birthday,but the anniversary of his first case.

Zocktastic said...

That was a small consolation to Bruce after the heart attack it gave him, Aaron.

Allergy said...

Do they mean his first case ever, or merely the first case where the City of Gotham government allowed him to completely flout the Constitution with Jim Gordon's approval?