Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't Like White Collar or U2 but I Like Gum and Rays Monday!

Did anyone but me watch the premiere of White Collar on USA Network Friday night? Both Beloved and I literally fell asleep about 2/3 of the way through. Nice idea, dull execution. No wonder they buried it on Friday night.

You know what's always worth watching? World's Finest #114:

That's right: Superman and Batman are doing yet another charity event. So, I think we all agree that Bono can suck it.

Oh, no! It's an Anthkar!

Not an Anthkar! Anything but an Anthkar!

Is that its tongue, or is it chewing a really long stick of gum? If it's the latter, this is my favorite monster ever.

You know what you should watch out for if you're ever in a comic book story? Rays.:

Rays were a great thing in comics back in the day. You never had to explain why or how they worked. If you saw a ray coming at you.... well, you'd better haul it out of the way, because rays could do anything. I think I'll start keeping track of "ray usage" I find in comics. Or should I say, "Ray Usage (tm!)?" There's a little something extra you can start looking forward to. We just keep getting better and better here at CMNS, don't we?

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You'd think these guys would've learned a long time ago not to do charity events. The inevitable humiliation never fails to ensue. Think maybe they like it?

Joe S. Walker said...

"G-goodbye, Robin!" Batman seems to give up awfully easily there...

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