Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why Superman is a Schmuck, part 3

Because even in a "team-up" book, the guest star can't have anything cool of his own. Check out the gimmie-gimmie in DC Comics Presents Number 74.

Supes is the kind of guy that humiliates you in front of your girl. You know the type. The one who gives you noogies and makes you pay for his lunch. Next, he's going to make Katar cough up the funky helmet and chest hair.


Chance said...

"Dude! You can already fly! Faster than me! Why--- why would you want my wings...?"

"I'll be needing your pride and manhood as well."

SallyP said...

Maybe he needs to fletch some arrows? I dunno, but if I were Hawkman, I'd be backing away pretty quickly.

De said...

Hawkman has issues anyway. Who else but Hawkman flies around in a penis-shaped spaceship?