Monday, November 27, 2006

The Gassy Envelope of Doom

"Not enough air..... except to engage in unnecessary exposition language explaining that I don't have nearly enough air to run out of the room, although I might have if I hadn't decided to describe the situation aloud to everyone in the room who is experiencing similar discomforts, but that is the decision I made and I'm comfortable with it - never complain, never explain is what I'm all about, and since no one edits Stan 'The Man' Lee, I can take a moment to describe how the gas overtook me too quickly for me to do anything about it. Excelsior! Oh, the humanity! *GASP*!!!! "

And why is this gas capable of taking down the Vision? He's an android, and he spends half his time intangible. He doesn't need to breathe! Was it a power of suggestion thing - You know, like when one person yawns and the rest of the room does it?

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SallyP said...

Aackk! Can't breathe! Laughing too much...passing out.