Thursday, November 30, 2006

They Thought They Were Improving Coke in the 80's, Too...

Granted, in the early 80's, the Justice League was in bad shape. The New Teen Titans were getting all of the love and attention of DC Powers that Be as well as the fans, and the once-flagship book was showing a lack of interest from anyone. The stories were bland, the art worse..... things were looking bad for the former "World's Greatest Super Heroes."

Sure, desperate times call for desperate measures, but that doesn't mean that the desperate measures are always going to be such a hot idea. Case in point - Vibe:

Wow - where do we begin to say what was wrong with Vibe? Let's start here:

Yup.... besides talking like a Sweathog, he was a break-dancer. He was so stupid, he made everyone around him stupid:

Crowbar-guy, I don't know what you've been hearing, but I can see that he's wearing stupid clothes. Can you not see that?

Even Zatanna gets dumber (something I didn't think possible):

Yes, Zatanna abhors violence, but creating an earthquake and causing unnecessary structrual damage (not to mention thousands of dollars in damage for the street and the sidewalk) when she could have just as easily used the spell: "Oy, Ecafkrej! !POTS" - that's ok. Oy! These were bad times.

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