Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Great Dr. Carver Must Not be Interrupted while He is Operating!

Hey!  It's Master Comics #54!

I'm not sure what a "pin-up buddy" is, but it sounds very self-centered on his part.  It's like me saying, "I'm your dashingly handsome friend, so here's a picture of me."  Seriously, history buffs... is this something people called themselves back in the day?

United Airlines: The Early Years.

Hey!  It's time for a Random Slap! (tm!) 

Yes, it's more of a "suh-lap," but the judges (being me) will allow it!  Random Slap! (tm!)

Let's pop in on Bulletman, shall we?

Oh, silly vanity!  This is going to be a fun story!  You can just tell!

Wow!  Well, I'll be this turns into a fable, where she realizes that appearance is far from everything and she recognizes her intrinsic worth as a vibrant human...

Egad!  Um... Hey, kids!  Comics!

Place an ad in the newspapers?  Was this how people found professionals back in the day?  Seriously, were there no Yellow Pages or something?

Another guy who can fly that fell for the "pit trap."  You know, if I could fly without limitations, I'd probably just hover an inch or two above the ground; partly to avoid pit traps and partly just to feel slightly superior to everyone I encounter.

Seems to me like Bulletman is screwing this up entirely.  Wasn't he supposed to get a picture of the doc doing his deed?  I mean, getting a picture of her under anesthesia isn't going to be damning evidence.  He kinda needed Dr. Carver to do his dirty work if he really wanted evidence.

Yeah, Bulletman isn't exactly on his "A" game today.  If you can't catch a loser like Dr. Carver, you probably should just take a personal day.

And that's where it ended.  Seriously.  That's it.  The mutilating maniac is still at large!  Hope you enjoyed the story, kids!

So, who was Bonita Granville, other than that she was "youthful"?  Well, she was in her early 20's at this time, so I guess "youthful" is an odd but applicable description.  She was an Oscar-nominated actress who was either popular or didn't charge much for endorsements.  Fun fact: The Bonita Tower (the first hotel building in the USA to use a solar heating system) and the Granville Steakhouse (which was renamed Steakhouse 55 around 2006) at the original Disneyland Hotel were named after her.  Who said you don't learn stuff at CMNS? 


Gene Phillips said...

This certainly is a weird one. I can't imagine why a writer would leave the guy on the loose. He's a one-trick pony, so what else could the writer do with him?

Aaron Carine said...

Bonita Granville played Nancy Drew in a film franchise of the late 30s and early 40s. I saw one of the films; it was pretty good.

jim said...

Always enjoy your fun reviews of goofy (and beloved) Golden Age comics.

PS - What kind of plastic surgeon doesn't notice that Susan Kent's "scar" was pasted on!!