Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Protected from Bullets, but Not from Blows

Whew, it's been a rough week back!  Let's just take a look at some random stuff I noticed while going through Master Comics!

His name in the rest of the story is "Bulletthug," but I think "Bullethug" is much more interesting.  It's kind of like when Jennifer Grey got that nose job... don't be afraid to be unique, folks.

Let's check in on Radar, master of disguise!

Yeah!  Master of disguise!

What's up with CMJ? 

This is something that doesn't happen nearly as often as it should.

Good golly, Jim!  Have you never heard of marijuana?  Or any of the bajillion of other sedatives out there?  If we're looking to put people in chemical straightjackets, there's no shortage of options out there.  I realize there's only so much you had going on in the police laboratory back in the day, but talk about reinventing the wheel.

Soooooo... you are impervious to harm from bullets, but completely vulnerable to an old man smacking you with a chair.


Did you give one to Mastro Arterio?  And why are you so damned attractive?

So, who is this guy?  Well, he had a career in movie "serials" (in fact, he was in the last ones produced by Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures) that he parlayed into a tv career when serials were no longer a thing.  All told, he had a career that lasted over 25 years with over 200 appearances.  He even married Marilyn Manson (no, not that one).  He died in 1964 at the age of 58.  And apparently, he loved him some RC Cola!

See you soon! 


George Chambers said...

That old guy KO'd Bulletman, made a joke, and just to rub it in, provided exposition in the same panel. He even managed to ignore Bulletgirl at the same time! Why didn't he have his own comic? "MALE PATTERN BALDNESS MAN - KING OF CRIME!"

I tell ya, Fawcett would have gotten away with it, pre-Comics Code...

Cflmaior said...

Perhaps superheroes have their version of the Achilles' heel: Superman, during his first TV series (1952-1958), withstood point-blank bullets but dodged the revolver thrown at him when the ammo was spent.