Thursday, December 15, 2016

Yah... But Mine Foot Feel Goot!

Yay!  I'm feeling up to posting, so let's resume our look at Master Comics with issue #42!

If I'm going to see a Nazi get a boot to the ass and a spanking, I would happily pay two dimes.

So, some guy invents a machine that will bring your dream to life somehow.  Because COMICS!

And his name is "Woton," which is pretty dang close to "Wotan," who was a Dr. Fate bad guy three years earlier.  Eh, there's only so many names out there.

And this guy is pretty tough:

And so I'm thinking there's going to be a big free-for-all, but things quickly go to the silly:

Not that this doesn't result in humor, because it totally does:

Yah... But Mine Foot Feel Goot!

That really tickles me.  I don't know why.

And then this happens:

I'm a little concerned when a cook doesn't wear a shirt.  There's too much of a "random body hair in your soup" possibility there.

And then....

and yes, it pretty much does finish him.  But we're not finished.  We were promised certainly things on the cover.  Thusly:

Hmmm... gotta be careful with the "head to the gut" drawings.  Those lend themselves to Fun with Out of Context Artwork (tm!) moments.

YEAH!  Even better than it was on the cover.

But it doesn't stop there...

Whoa!  I don't know where CMJ's "fingers were itching to get," but I think it's time we give the boys a little privacy.  On to the Bulletman story:

See what I mean?  It takes me back to memories of Cinemax After Dark.  Good times... good times....

See you soon!


Smurfswacker said...

Who's the little dude in the backpack?

Best dialogue: "Ho! He-He Ha! Ho! Ha! Ho! Ha! Hee!"

Unknown said...

WOW, that was a doozy! Although the German soldier should have said 'ziss' instead of this.

And Wotan is another name for Odin, Thor's dad.

Adam Barnett said...

No kidding? I didn't know that.

Cflmaior said...

Complimenting you for your rentrée, I would like to point out that Wotan (in Old English Wõden) gave his name to Wednesday, just like his son Thor to Thursday and daughter Frigga to Friday (perhaps more important, she is a character in Marvel's Journey into Mystery).

Adam Barnett said...

I didn't know that, either. Who says we don't educate as well as entertain?

Gene Phillips said...

There was a little bit of a schtick in those days about having the American heroes fight the godly representatives of the Germans: Hillman's "Iron Ace" had at least one bout with a version of Thor whose origins are never explained.

I've yet to come across Roman gods coming to the defense of Italy, or Japanese ones to the defense of Japan, though.

Adam Barnett said...

Yup, Gene! And, of course, let's not forget Thor's chronological first appearance in the Marvel Universe would be in WWII... the first volume of the Invaders, #32!

I'd do the Invaders, but it was just so dang awesome I can't say anything about it.

Unknown said...

This was the first issue of Master Comics I bought. It's pretty weak art as far as Raboy art (was mostly his assistants I imagine) but is a hilarious bit of propaganda. It showed that the way to do it right was not be racist, just show them as being cowardly.