Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Bulletman Story with Which Adam Just Can't Deal

Before we leave Master Comics #45, we must take a look at this.  I'm going to just be quiet and let you take it in as it happened:

Yes.  You can scroll back up and read it over and over, but it won't change. All we can say is Well.... THAT Happened! (tm!)

Moving on, we saw yesterday a house ad encouraging readers to buy war bonds and stamps.  It was part of a pretty concentrated effort, as the issue was worked into the Minute Man story as well:

Nice to see comics trying to help out in a crisis!

See you soon!


Gummboote said...

To be fair, the helmet removal gambit might have worked if he hadn't been too far up from the ground. OK his helmet would be gone and he'd just be random powerless guy, but maybe he and and Bulletgirl could have taken turns with the remaining helmet.

Patrick McEvoy said...

Aside from just world class silliness, this sequence really brings up a question: why wouldn't the magnet just pull the helmet OFF? I mean, it doesn't look like it's attached very tightly, and there's no chin strap or anything. Do they expect us to believe that it's some sort of magical helmet that just stays on his head? What kind of fools do they take us for?