Wednesday, November 9, 2016

In Which Captain Marvel Jr. Shows You Why You Don't Ever Mess with Captain Marvel Jr.

And we're back with a look at Master Comics #41!

The story is thus: Pygmalion is brought back to life at the Museum of Natural History and starts turning all the statues to life.

Kinda like...

Yup.  Comics did it first. (tm!)

In any event, here's a panel that took up half a page, which was kind of unusual for this title:

And the guy goes around just causing problems hither and yon...

And then CMJ shows up to do what he does.  Thusly:

"Great gravy"?

Surely that isn't going to be his catch phrase.  You know, like Cap Senior says "Holy Moley"?  Nah.

It's around this point that I notice something disturbing:

CMJ is killing these statutes that have been brought to life.

Granted, it's a little iffy here:

... because a punch with the sound effect of squitt! sounds pretty fatal to me, but then we have this:

So, I guess CMJ is going to let the guy run off because CMJ took the guy's sword?  I don't think that solves the problem.  I mean, the guy can find himself another sword.

And then I learn the CMJ is vulnerable to magic when Pygmalion turns CMJ into a statue:

For some reason, I always thought the Marvels were impervious to magic since their powers were magic-based.  I don't know why I thought this, although it's perfectly acceptable comic book logic.

Again with the "great gravy?"  Seriously, CMJ... you aren't trying to make this your thing, are you?

Hmmmm... back to the action:

Um.... yeah, CMJ.  They've been extinct for thousands of years.  It's a shame you decided to kill the last one.

He had better start fighting a gorilla or I'm going to be cheesed.

Yeah!  There we go!

Geez, CMJ!  I said fight the gorilla!  Not kill the gorilla!

Hmmmm... it's a skeleton, but it still might be alive.  You should probably hold off on...

Well... never mind, I guess.

Look CMJ, since that was a skeleton, you were probably in a gray area there.  But seriously, these things that are clearly alive (especially those that were extinct this morning)?  You should probably restrain yourself a little...


Yeah, why let the day end without killing everyone and everything in sight?  You know these creatures aren't Nazis, right?

Yup.  Killed another one, because why not?

Let's just end this:

Wow.  I've read Punisher stories with less of a body count.  What was that?

See you soon!

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